Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Beatpack on YouTube Part 1

In 1987-88, the then-bassist Phil Marriott and drummer Luke Herriott went to some kind of art college in Hastings to do a foundation year. It was great for them, surrounded as they were by cute art school girls. Meanwhile, singer Hugh was working in a pickle factory and guitarist Louis Wiggett, who was maybe only 16 at this point, was still at school.

Somehow or other, the group got access to some cameras and film and ended up mining to a demo they'd recorded a while earlier. Here we have The Beatpack doing a song called Thinking About Today - one of many many cover versions of songs by the (Dutch) Outsiders that they used to do.

Other OUTSIDERS covers The Beatpack did back then included Touch, That's Your Problem, Filthy Rich, Misfit and I Love Her Still I Always Will.

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